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Information for Band Members 2017/18

Reg Brown formed the Main Band in 1976. It is suitable for players of at least grade 5 standard.

Rehearsals are held at the Tewit Youth Band rehearsal rooms on the corner of Strait Lane and Crag Lane in Huby, near Harrogate, every Thursday. There are no auditions.
All ensembles are open to players aged 16 and over.
Training Band: 6.15pm – 7.15pm with John Kendrew

The Training Band provides the opportunity to play in a group who are learning an instrument, or have not played for a while. The Training Band is recommended for players of grade 1/2 standard.
Main Band: 7.45pm – 9.45pm with Ben Tierney

Annual Subscription

Member’s subscription payments contribute towards the band’s accommodation, insurance and musical director costs. Subscriptions are due after the AGM, which is held in May. Concessions are available to students, pensioners and non-earners. As a charity, the band is able to claim gift aid on subscriptions. If you are a taxpayer please complete a gift aid form, which is available from the Treasurer.
Training and Intermediate Bands: £54; £36 concessions
Main Band: £156; £114concessions
Members of both groups pay Main Band subscription only. Subscriptions can be paid to the Treasurer by cash, cheque or instalments, including monthly direct debit (please see the Treasurer for Bank Details). Cheques should be made payable to ‘White Rose Concert Band’.

Committee 2017/18
Chairperson Tony Robinson(Clarinet)
Treasurer Rick Sweeney (Tenor Sax)
Secretary Sarah Darvill (Flute)
Musical Director Ben Tierney
Training Band Rep David Brown(Alto Sax)
Communications Michael Smith (Tenor Sax)

Committee Members
Malcolm Howitt (Clarinet)
James Nicholls(Percussion)
Max Graham (Alto Sax)
Guy Parker (Trumpet)

For the following, please see a member of the committee: uniform, equipment,

instrument loan, publicity, concerts, rehearsals, absence.

Website www.whiteroseconcertband.co.uk
E-mail info@whiteroseconcertband.co.uk
YahooGroup See Rick Sweeney (Tenor Sax)

Members should approach the Chairperson or another committee member if they
have a suggestion or an issue to raise. A suggestion form is available from the Chairperson.
Registered charity 1110935. Funding is mainly obtained from subscriptions and concerts.
The band is a member of the British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles.
A CD recording of the band is available. See a committee member for more information.

White Rose Concert Band – Registered charity 1110935