Member Login

Please use the MEMBERS LOGIN area on the right of this page to LOGIN and LOGOUT.

The MEMBERS LOGIN area appears in this position on all pages other than the Home page.  Following LOGIN you will be forwarded the the MEMBERS EVENTS page where you can find and register for private events only visible to logged in WRCB site users.

For convenience the same MEMBERS LOGIN area appears in the footer of this site; (scroll down and take a look now) it does not matter which area you use to login.  Adjacent to the footer login area is a permanent link to the MEMBERS EVENTS page; this is positioned here just to help you navigate the site.

Information Instructions on registering for a Private Members Event.

Following login you will be forwarded to the MEMBERS EVENTS page; this will list in chronological order (newest at the top) all the private events available to members.  Click the title of the event you wish to view; this will take you to a page specific to that event.

If the event requires members to register for attendance you will see the Name and Description of the event, the opening and closing registration dates and the number of Participants the event requires.  Below this you may see other site users (band members) who have already registered for this event.

Your site LOGIN USERNAME will be visible and you have the opportunity to add  a COMMENT;  select the REGISTER button to register yourself for this event.  Your USERNAME will then appear (alphabetically) in the list above with the other registered users.  You have the opportunity to select the button again to UNREGISTER for the event and your USERNAME is withdrawn from the attendees.

You may return to this event page again before ‘registration closes’ to REGISTER or UNREGISTER your attendence. Once you have chosen to register or unregister you may navigate away from this event page.